My adventures with Tumblr

For this week’s blog, I wanted to mix things up a bit. I decided to make a tumblr
(which I do plan to regularly maintain!) and write about the process and what happened.

So, first of all, my decision to make a tumblr was based on a few things; one- I felt kinda left out. People seem to really enjoy theirs and I wanted to be apart of that. Two- It had the pinterest vibe but with customization aspects that appealed to me. Three- I like reasons to procrastinate!

So, before making a tumblr, I reached out on my personal FB. I got a lot of messages about tumblr, but my friend actually posted some really good foundations for me on my status about it.

actual 1.png

So, I had no clue that people had multiple for aesthetic and themes and stuff, which should have seemed obvious now that I think about it, haha. So, I opened up tumblr, created an account, and dove right in, because doing is the best way to learn.


So initially your tumblr is blank as heck. Nothing besides the url I picked, basically. I sort of just clicked around to work out what I was doing. I knew I wanted a fantasy/writing aesthetic vibe to it, so I went to edit theme first and began mangling my tumblr from there.


Guys, there are a hecking lot of options and it can be OVERWHELMING. I think I spent maybe an hour going through themes, browsing and previewing, trying to find something that felt like me. I don’t know much about html but I figured my partner, who works in DevOps, could mess around with whatever I picked later, so I finally settled on a theme.


I picked a really simple theme in the end, and it just felt RIGHT. The theme was called “Notes” and I did some simple editing from there. I changed the background colour to be my standard shade of pink, the one that has been used on all my social media and on my business cards, etc. I also went to google fonts to choose a font that I wanted for my tumblr. I went with Indie Flower- it’s cute and light and reminiscent of my own hand writing. A lot of the other stuff I did was pretty simple- I changed the colour of the tabs and added a blog name, description, and an avatar. Really simple stuff, honestly.


After that, I returned to the dashboard and searched different terms that related to me and began scheduling some items to be reblogged that I felt suited the “vibe” of my blog! This bit was obviously the funnest. I set up some scheduled stuff so I could have regular updating content without having to spend all day on tumblr. I also made a first post to commemorate, and followed a few authors and friends that I knew already had blogs.


I still don’t have much idea what I’m doing, but I’m excited to get to know tumblr and the community better. It’s been a fun experience thus far and I highly recommend making a blog or two to suit your aesthetic needs. It’s definitely a social media platform that I think I’ll be easily able to spend more time on, and easily customization for future changes. Do you have a tumblr, or follow one you like? Hit me up with a link so I can go have a look!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Getting some stuff done!

So this week/weekend is getting busy over here! I’ve been pretty ill the last week and suddenly bam, I have a million things I’m getting done for my site, social media, and my writing. On Saturday, I’m having my first out of costume photoshoot with a professional photography friend so I have an actual adult author photo on here…and not one of me dressed like a ten year old magical girl. As much as that is what I am in my head, probably doesn’t scream the most professional person ever to others.

I’m also in the middle of communications to commission some new art! Ah! I have a good idea of what I want and a small artist that I love and have paid for work from before, so hoping that that goes well. If you ever have a chance to support someone budding in their field- take it, and do your best to push their name out there. If everything goes through, I’ll be spamming their work out to everyone.

update: negotiations are in progress, woohoo!

I’ve been pretty lackluster with content and with my writing, but I’m setting myself some goals and some plans. Sometimes this blog is going to be purely catch up, rambling crazy talk but I will be doing my best to hopefully produce some content that you enjoy, or maybe even learn something from.

Also, my mother told me you all need to tell me off and make me write more. So, I was thinking of ways to encourage myself to write. I’ve decided to show you something I’ve been working on- a sample of Audrey. To get access to a chapter of the Story of Audrey, I’d really appreciate it if you filled out this form so that I can email you a sample!

Thanks for everything, guys. I hope to end up making you all proud, even if it’s slow.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Making up for mediocrity

This is something that has played on my mind for a long time, and no doubt has played on the mind of many others. The idea of being mediocre, of just OK, is possibly the most terrifying thing to me and plays largely into the fear I had of not trying for a long time. I mean, if you’re terrible at something, you can try to get better, or just shrug it off and decide on a different path though. Being average though is a horrifying realisation; what if that mediocrity is the best you can do?

I don’t want to be an OK writer. I want to reach people. I don’t care about money or fame, but I do want people to read my work and go “holy shit, that made me cry” or “how DARE your writing hurt my heart like that”. I want to evoke emotions in people. Mediocre writing doesn’t do that. Mediocre writing doesn’t leave any sort of impression. People don’t care for it one way of the other; they shrug their shoulders, and move on with their lives when they’re done, your work a fleeting and distant memory. As much as I hate it, at least BAD writing gets noticed, too. You won’t believe how worked up at how sloppily written Fifty Shades is. It appeals to people that want something simplistic and (apparently?) arousing though. The idea of not even being able to achieve that haunts me constantly.

It’s OK to be just alright though. Truth is, if you want something bad enough and work hard enough, you are going to improve. Sometimes we need to lower our expectations for ourselves and cut ourselves some slack. We aren’t always going to hit a standard we set for ourselves. We definitely aren’t going to always meet the standards that others impose on us. Let yourself fail, or not do great. As long as you keep learning and trying, that is the thing that matters. It’ll lighten the burden on your heart, and make doing better in the future easier. I believe in every last one of you.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Beginning 2018 the write way

Happy 2018 everyone! I hope your new year has started off on the right foot, and you’re already diving into your projects and goals! I’ve already gotten well underway with several things I want to do with my year, one of which being bullet journaling. I also bought a custom embossed journal cover for it, so I can change my book each year. Neat, huh?


I’m using my journal for my yearly goals (which have changed drastically in the last few weeks), my quarterly goals, keeping track of what I’m reading, blog info, therapy, and different writing notes and bits. I actually FINALLY sorted all my novel notes into separate folders per book etc the other day, but I’d still like to have nicely written synopsis’s tucked away in here for my own benefit. Speaking of quarterly goals, I figured I’d slip some of them in here!

  • Read seven books before April! Should be easy
  • Finish and enter my first short story competition of the year
  • Finish the outline for the short story horror collection I plan to release this year
  • Get into healthy, habitual writing
  • Start DBT and outline the process each week in said journal
  • Participate in volunteering more with Writer’s SA!
  • Have at least 2k words written a month. This is the only target I am giving myself on this
  • Cook at least one new dish a month outside of my comfort zone
  • Get a little ahead on some blogs if I can. Yeah, that sounds like cheating, but I struggle some weeks
    Finish my last FOUR driving hours (if I can’t manage that with all my lessons booked, we have an issue)
  • Finish outlining the rest of Audrey. I’ve been stuck with massive anxiety about this book, and expressing some parts of it and myself, but I want to get there
  • Be more supportive and loving of my partner and his pursuits, as he’s the entire reason I’m giving my aspirations a go!

I’ve also started my first book of the year with Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, because I’m somewhat obsessed with the movie. I’ll be reading an Indie published book after that, so if you have any recommendations for that, please let me know! I’m also writing my first short story of the year right now for the Hope Prize, so I’ll be keeping you all posted on how that goes.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the exciting plans you have/have started, I’d love to hear all of them. Other people are my motivation- I just get so pumped up seeing others achieve the stuff they love!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

2018 Goals: Professional and Personal

Hey guys! Look at how close we are to the new year. I hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas/other religious holiday/all those fun things. A new year means a new chance for pushing yourself, for doing your best, to be creative. To inspire and nurture your goals. So to finish off my blog for the year, I’m going to put up a few of my goals for next year and hopefully encourage you to pursue your own. I’ve divided mine into three categories: Personal, writing, and professional. I’m not gonna get beat myself up if I struggle with them or don’t complete them, but I’m going to do my best to achieve them.


  • Get my P plates! I’m almost done with my learners licence, and I’m so close I can taste it.
  • Organise one thing/outing a month with a friend/friends like a normal human being
  • Exercise more regularly
  • Take better care of my physical and mental health
  • Read 26 books on Goodreads by then end of 2018 (one a fortnight)

Writing Goals

  • Finish the first draft of Audrey
  • Finish the first draft of Revelation (so close!)
  • Finish the first draft of Chains of Legacy
  • Secure beta readers
  • Write one short story a year
  • Have a reward system. Mine is going to be setting aside $1 per 1000 words written and save up to get something super fun
  • Camp Nano April and July goals: 25k each
  • Nano 2018 goal: 70k


  • Be volunteering regularly
  • Write query letters, start practicing them and finalise one per manuscript
  • Write a professional synopsis of each manuscript
  • Beta read for other people (already started, so good)

These are the few of the things I want to get done next year. I didn’t want to have too many unrealistic, massive goals, just a few to have some milestones to hit and feel good about managing. These goals might change a bit, or some might get dropped, and that’s OK. Making progress at all is a big deal. I hope you can all achieve your goals for 2018, and I hope to hear them.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

2018 and onwards

So this is my second to last post for 2017, and it’s pretty exciting. This is also my 20th blog post, meaning 20 weeks of consistent posting (which is a pretty big deal for me, because I usually lack consistency and follow through). I’ve actually already scheduled my final post of the year, so I wanted to take this post to sort of chat about some of the directions I would like to take my blog, social media, and writing next year.

One really big thing I want to focus on is really tying Goodreads into my blog. Goodreads is a pretty important thing for authors- I mean, rates and reviews are massive if you want your book seen and noticed. My intention is to read as much as I write next year, with a minimum goal of a book once a fortnight (two a month is nothing but gotta keep that minimum low, just in case). I really want to put a focus on Indie and debut authors though, so I’ll be reviewing ONE of those at least once a month, with my first book being Keeper by Kim Chance which I preordered (out 20th January!). I also intend to review The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci upon it’s release, which should hopefully be soon.

These are only two books though, and I posted on twitter, but I am seeking call outs for indie published books I can access easily on kindle, as well as debut books. So, if you or a friend has something- feel free to link me! I want to give a shout out to other authors and hopefully help garner them attention. In addition to the Goodreads review, I’ll be dedicating a blog post that month to that author and book, linking their social media, etc. I have a few other plans to go with that, but we’ll see if I can manage them.

I also want to force myself to write more, so I’ll be showing something from my work once a month. It might be some back story, or an excerpt, or some artwork I’ve commissioned, but I WILL be showing something in preparation to hype myself up to finish. There might be some form of giveaways thrown in there, too.

Wising you all a happy holiday, I’m sure you’re all doing something this weekend/week. Thanks for hanging around, and hopefully 2018 I will have a lot more for you all.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Why do I want to be a writer?  

This is something I get asked a lot. Like a ridiculous amount. I’ve always answered the same different ways: because I’ve written since I was little, because it makes me happy, because I enjoy it. Lately though (and by lately, I mean the last decade or so) I’ve questioned what has changed.

I used to write a lot, and frequently. I finished my first (if albeit terrible) full manuscript at fourteen. I won quite a few short story competitions and poetry contests. I excelled at English and basked in praise. I even startee my writing degree at sixteen. But I stopped. I dropped out of my degree, I stopped writing for a long time. I couldn’t find any passion or love for it.

I credit a lot of this to my mental illness. A lot of people know I suffer from. BPD (borderline personality disorder), anxiety, depression and PTSD. I’m not gonna lie, these make things really difficult. Even with therapy and help I struggle a lot. But I knew about these things before I stopped writing. I think that I know the reason why- fear.

I fear I’ll be no good as a writer, that I’ll never make it. Or worse- I will make it, but the emptiness I feel inside won’t be filled by that. The longer I put off finishing something, of trying, the more I can ignore those thoughts.

That’s all excuses though, let’s be real. We’re more multi-dimensional than we believe. I probably won’t be satisfied just writing and being noticed for it. I need to accept that, and I think others need to recognise that in themselves too.

I want to be a writer to find out who I am, and share it to the world.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

2017 reading list and 2018 targets

So one of my goals for 2017 was to get back into reading regularly. Between numerous hobbies, life, work, education and the like, reading dropped as a priority. Someone introduced me to Goodreads in August though, and that has definitely encouraged me.2017books.png

This isn’t all of the books I read sadly, but these are the ones I remembered to list! I’m still finishing a few on my kindle right now too, but for the sake of this blog I didn’t care to rush them. It’s not a great effort on my part, honestly.

This brings me to 2018 and my goals. I plan to read 26 books in 2018 as a minimum challenge. This means one book a fortnight. And of those books, I am planning to read at least ONE indie/debut novel a month. That means one blog a month will be dedicated to that book too. So if you know someone that’s written a self published book, or have one yourself, or you’re a debut novelist- feel free to hit me up with a link in the comment section, or on my twitter!

Sorry for the short and sweet post, I’m sadly very busy right now, but 2018 will be a lot more exciting on my end.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Post Nanowrimo update

Hey guys! Sorry for the delayed post today; it’s been a long week for me.

To start with, I finished Nanowrimo this year. I actually hit my goal early, on day 23! As you can see though, I didn’t hit my 60k Novemember goal…at all.


This is because like the day I finished/day after, I got sick. Crazy sick. I’m still ill, in fact. I’ve been sleeping 12 hours some nights, barely moving, feverish and the works. It’s been a blast.

I’m also late to update because of exciting news! I’ve been volunteering for the SA Writer’s Centre and we had an end of year party last night, and unveiled the new logo and name for Writer’s SA. With 2017 being the 30 year anniversary of the Centre and wanting to be about the greater South Australian writing community, they moved location and have set up some beautiful ideas. I’m so proud of all their hard work! If you’re South Australian like me and not already a member, maybe you should head on over and join already. They also relaunched the site last night and it looks amazing, and I’m so grateful to see their excitement firsthand as they unveiled it.

Now that Nano is out of the way, I’m determined to put extra effort into the content I produce online as well as my actual writing, so I’ll be undertaking a few new developments towards my blog and social media in the upcoming new year. I’m still ironing out the kinks, but I’m pretty excited and hoping it all goes nicely.

Now that we’re in the final stages of 2017, I’m looking forward to making 2018 much more productive.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo