April CampNaNo week 2, 2022

Tarot reading for the week: Ace of Swords (reversed), The Chariot (reversed), Ace of Cups

Reading: House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas

Listening to: Your Name ost by Radwimps

It’s week 2 of Camp. Winter is coming fast– it almost feels as though it’s trying to skip over Autumn again. Every day is chilled, but it’s been nice for reading in the bath.

I’m well on track for my goal this month, which means I’m also able to take the weekends to do no writing. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to build for a while now. To treat writing, fun as it is, like work. I shouldn’t feel obligated to work on weekends, and try to only do things in the same work hours as my partner.

Other than my new draft, after a several month break+ getting most of my queries back, I’ve started tearing into W+W because I’ve had so many ideas to add that little something it felt like it was missing for me. Lauren Rose and I are also embarking on a self publishing project together and I am brimming with excitement. Balancing wanting to do all the things and feel perpertually ill is a bummer, though.

Happy writing,

E.K xo

Catch up, Camp Nano April 2022, etc

Tarot reading for the week: Page of Swords, Ten of Coins, Four of Coins.

Reading: Finished “How to Stop Feeling like Shit” by Andrea Owen. Five-seven books going currently, but going to focus on “Premonitions of the Titanic Disaster” by Terry Keefe.

Listening to: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1g7lV7wu3f7QDC6eSRivIS?si=de57070cc902474b my Camp Nano project playlist

Well, hey there. It’s been a while since I posted here. Like, four years. And the world has massively changed in that time. I don’t wanna talk about that though; we hear enough about the dreaded “C” Word and everything that goes with it.

I see a lot of authors doing newsletters, but I don’t think that’s for me. For one, I have a singularly thing ‘proplerly’ published right now. So I don’t feel allowed to bother people, I guess? It’s an odd sentiment, because I don’t think that about other authors at all. I guess that’s imposter syndrome and all of that. I did what to start plopping my thoughts down somewhere, and if someone wants to read them– good for you, and thanks for that.

Currently, I’m in a weird spot. Camp starts tomorrow, I have a fresh project with 6k words in my outline (sadly only act 1 is outlined, but I have a synopsis, so that’s something). There are a few things that make it different, though this camp. One, seasonal depression is kicking in way earlier than expected. So that’s rough. That’s probably compounded by being in the query trenches too with my urban fantasy. At least, I think it’s an urban fantasy. See, I wrote this book, and it was so weird and I was so proud of it, but the more I listen to others (ie. reddit and twitter), the more I lose faith in it. Despite querying going okay. Like, yeah, I’ve had rejections. I’ve sent out 20 since January, and I’ve gotten like 8 rejections. But I’ve had a full (that was a pass) and a partial still out there, so that’s good! Especially with how terrible it all is right now. But that’s a whole other thing, too. Maybe it would be easier if I didn’t rely on outside approval for gratification or whatever. Point is, my book is out there, and I refuse to touch it, as tempting as it is, until all the rejections come back. Because I don’t want to be somehow who keeps flinging it out there in the hopes I get a bite. I want someone to love and champion my work, right?

Anway, back to camp. I’m trying something different. Several somethings, even. One, I’m trying a new genre: Gothic Romance. That’s terrifying for me, but I want to tell this story. It’s been niggling at me, much like my urban fantasy had. Which I smashed through. However, this camp, I’ve set myself a much smaller goal than usual: 10k words only. 500 a day, with weekends to rest. I’m a classic panicker/overachiever though, so I’ll see how hard I burn myself out, panicking that I’m not good enough, that I never will be good enough.

Since I’ve got…24 hours until I start Camp Nano though, I’m going to finish critiquing the last chapter of Lauren’s draft. Then maybe have a panic attack in the bath and wonder what I’m doing with myself, the usual pre nano ritual.

Oh! Offhand, but it’s officially Titanic month starting tomorrow too. I’ve set a fun goal for myself to rate and review every Titanic game, and I recorded my first video. But that imposter syndrome is killing me and every time I try to voice over, I can’t speak. Fun. Even scripted to hell. I admire people that can just…do the thing. It’s incredible.

Anway, I’m off. Take care during camp. Writing targets aren’t everything. Remember to get some sunshine, to hydrate, and to take care of yourself for me. I’ll try and do the same.

Happy writing,

E.K xo

My first writing retreat!

Hey guys, I know I’ve been /super/ neglectful of late, but I plan to get back to my weekly blog come October (fresh month, fresh start!). This long weekend I’ll be on my first ever writing retreat with Lauren Rose (who, incidentally, is making a brand new site and it is gonna look so rad) and a bunch of others. I have a list of things I want to look into this weekend and start up on here, including critiquing, Nano stuff, and another content creation that I’m looking into. Hopefully a weekend away in the beautiful countryside will awaken the energy I need. Look forward to next week’s blog, which will basically be pretty picture and a possible vlog (Psst, I’ll also be posting a bunch on our bookstagram, if you haven’t already checked it out )! I hope those of you having a long weekend enjoy the extra day to recharge and all my love to you that have a standard weekend ahead. Make sure to take time out and take care of yourself!

As always, happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo


Bittersweet Books

I pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings”- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

During the confusion of my week, I didn’t realise I hadn’t written a post! So, I’m going to recommend some books! I’m currently reading Shadowsong, book two in a duology by S. Jae-Jones, and I gotta tell you, it’s ripping my heart out all over the place.


I read Wintersong last year. Sadly, my Goodreads review was lacking, as I was just learning to use the site. However, this is it in it’s entirety:

“I picked this book on a whim, and…I am so grateful to have. It is such a beautiful and unique twist on Labyrinth, so whole and so good in of its own. It was almost rough in its prose, like Liesl’s music, abandoned and wild. I cannot wait to get the second book, and my little heart yearns for resolution or absolution for the Goblin King.”

Needless to say, I’m in love with them. They’re a beautiful metaphor for mental illness, the blurring between reality and the surreal. Also, I’m a sucker for classical music, and the depth that she’s woven music into these stories makes my heart flutter. I’m hoping to finish Shadowsong this weekend; writing my draft and helping with multiple friend’s synopsis’s has been tiring, to say the least. I’m confident a lighthearted and productive weekend lays ahead for me!


I hope everyone is enjoying the quiet of winter to get work done- I know I am!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo


A reminder

I’m meant to be working on Camp Nanowrimo right now, but I can’t. I gave myself a deadline for this WIP, and I just can’t do it right now. You know what though? That’s OK. This is just a reminder that you don’t need to push yourself, or rush yourself, or make yourself feel bad. Even as I watch my friends crush their goals and feel bad that I’m not doing more /better, I have to remember- I’m doing the best I can right now. I hope you all are too.


Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Camp Nano July 2018

Hey guys! Sunday marks the beginning of Camp Nano July 2018, and hopefully the last 40% of this draft. I should have had it done ages ago but sadly, mental health has a way of, well, getting in the way. During this time though I’ll be also practicing pitching my novel, heavily editing and critiquing a friend’s MS for the upcoming Salsibury Writers’ Festival, so my blogs over the next two months should revolve around those.


As always,

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo


Off break- now what?

So my mini hiatus ended up being almost two months long, which was…well, a lot more than I intended. Sadly, a lot has happened during this time and it’s knocked me off my feet quite badly.

I lost my best friend, big fat Rini, in early May. She’d been my companion for nearly five years and honestly was the light of my life. If I had nothing else, I at least had her to wake up to.


So we’ve had a lot to deal with in the wake of her passing. We actually ended up rescuing a bun because our remaining girl was getting severely depressed and wasn’t eating or drinking. It hurt to make such a choice, but having a new friend has made her happy again.

I’ve been working on my current MS a lot, and I feel like I’m failing at it, and a lot of things. I finished group therapy this week, and there’s been a sinking feeling in my stomach. What now? What do I do with myself? I’ve honestly been scared of finishing anything or getting anywhere because I’m so terrified of failing. I think that’s why I took a break even though I was so close to a year of consistent blogging- because I was finally getting somewhere with the things I’ve been doing, and that worries me. It’s a byproduct of being mentally unwell, I know, but it’s the truth.

In the mean time, I’m setting myself smaller goals. Smaller blogs, and not feeling like I need to necessarily contribute to the writing community. So many bloggers/vloggers are already doing that, and I don’t even have a following. This is all for me. So I’ll still try to maintain a weekly blog, but I won’t be forcing anything 🙂

I have Camp Nano coming up (and my 26th birthday!) so feel free to leave your nano tag, I’ll be hosting a cabin again and I really love the community.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo



Nano goal: Down. Other goals: Terrifying

So it’s actually Monday right now and dun dun dun…! I finished my Nano goal for the month already. I know it wasn’t the highest goal, but THIS means I have plenty of time to do a lot more and still feel good about myself and not stressed by it.


No, wait, I lied. I do have another deadline right now. It’s this one.


I’ve given myself until June 16th to have my WIP first draft done and I am already pretty exhausted, I’m not going to lie. I have my critique partner lined up and raring to rip it apart for me, and some extremely obsessive lists ready. I plan to pitch this story at a Writer’s Festival later this year. This may be a first draft, but this is the FOURTH completely rewrite of this story. I know it pretty intimately. This year is it’s year; I can feel it.

So, in light of that, I’ll be going over rewriting, editing, critiquing, some beta reading, synopsis and preparing for pitches over the next few months. I’ll also be hosting a giveaway hopefully VERY soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. For now, I’m going to trudge back to this draft, so I can be at 20k well before the week, so that I actually get to rest for five minutes.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

Camp Nano April 2018


April is upon us. Easter, family, fun- and April Camp Nanowrimo. This feels really odd to say. Normally I’m excited for Nanowrimo. I like the challenge it presents- how it forces me to get words out, to tackle a project. To genuinely throw myself into my writing without a care.

This April feels different. I’m not as prepared. I have a name. An idea. A vague musing of an outline. That’s it. I haven’t ever been so ill prepared and for once in my life, I’m not anxious about it. I’m not even anxious if I meet my goal or not.

I’ve realised something about writing lately. It’s not the end all if I don’t achieve every one of my goals, or if I take my time getting there. It only matters that I have them. I’ve put so much pressure to be perfect, or have unrealistic expectations to the point that I freeze and ignore my goals- it’s easier to just not do something rather than fail. I couldn’t bear to have my ego hurt like that.

It’s OK now. It’s OK, because I care about writing. That means I can take my time, and have fun, and make mistakes. I’m allowed to make mistakes, because they are what make things better. You learn from them.

I’m going to pants my first Nano. No outlines, no heavily scrawled notes. Just an idea, because writing is a lot like goals. You alter your course as you follow the path, because nothing is going to follow the rigid path you set.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo