Wraiths and wanderings

Urban Fantasy (Publishing May 1st, 2023)

“And that would be unacceptable to me,” Wade whispered, “for a world without a piece of you always in it would be like the night without the stars. Dark and empty, even if it kept on existing.”

-Wade van Baird

Charlotte Blythe is twenty-eight, and next in line as head of a prominent occult family. She’s supposed to be, at any rate. After the mysterious massacre at her debutant ball that left her orphaned and in the care of her grandmother, Edith, she turned her sights elsewhere. She uses her powers for ‘good’ instead— making and uploading videos to expose the truth about the occult world who were meant to be keeping people safe.

Everything falls apart when Charlotte stumbles across a familiar scene—a massacre, tainted with the same dark magic as that night twelve years before. When she runs into the 110-year-old ghost from a family that disappeared suddenly, and finds out a supernatural Hunter has been hot on her tail, she realises it all goes deeper than she could ever imagine.

Teaming up with as an unlikely trio, Charlotte sets out to uncover the truth about the past, the present, and the ever-looming future.