April CampNaNo week 2, 2022

Tarot reading for the week: Ace of Swords (reversed), The Chariot (reversed), Ace of Cups

Reading: House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas

Listening to: Your Name ost by Radwimps

It’s week 2 of Camp. Winter is coming fast– it almost feels as though it’s trying to skip over Autumn again. Every day is chilled, but it’s been nice for reading in the bath.

I’m well on track for my goal this month, which means I’m also able to take the weekends to do no writing. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to build for a while now. To treat writing, fun as it is, like work. I shouldn’t feel obligated to work on weekends, and try to only do things in the same work hours as my partner.

Other than my new draft, after a several month break+ getting most of my queries back, I’ve started tearing into W+W because I’ve had so many ideas to add that little something it felt like it was missing for me. Lauren Rose and I are also embarking on a self publishing project together and I am brimming with excitement. Balancing wanting to do all the things and feel perpertually ill is a bummer, though.

Happy writing,

E.K xo

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