My adventures with Tumblr

For this week’s blog, I wanted to mix things up a bit. I decided to make a tumblr
(which I do plan to regularly maintain!) and write about the process and what happened.

So, first of all, my decision to make a tumblr was based on a few things; one- I felt kinda left out. People seem to really enjoy theirs and I wanted to be apart of that. Two- It had the pinterest vibe but with customization aspects that appealed to me. Three- I like reasons to procrastinate!

So, before making a tumblr, I reached out on my personal FB. I got a lot of messages about tumblr, but my friend actually posted some really good foundations for me on my status about it.

actual 1.png

So, I had no clue that people had multiple for aesthetic and themes and stuff, which should have seemed obvious now that I think about it, haha. So, I opened up tumblr, created an account, and dove right in, because doing is the best way to learn.


So initially your tumblr is blank as heck. Nothing besides the url I picked, basically. I sort of just clicked around to work out what I was doing. I knew I wanted a fantasy/writing aesthetic vibe to it, so I went to edit theme first and began mangling my tumblr from there.


Guys, there are a hecking lot of options and it can be OVERWHELMING. I think I spent maybe an hour going through themes, browsing and previewing, trying to find something that felt like me. I don’t know much about html but I figured my partner, who works in DevOps, could mess around with whatever I picked later, so I finally settled on a theme.


I picked a really simple theme in the end, and it just felt RIGHT. The theme was called “Notes” and I did some simple editing from there. I changed the background colour to be my standard shade of pink, the one that has been used on all my social media and on my business cards, etc. I also went to google fonts to choose a font that I wanted for my tumblr. I went with Indie Flower- it’s cute and light and reminiscent of my own hand writing. A lot of the other stuff I did was pretty simple- I changed the colour of the tabs and added a blog name, description, and an avatar. Really simple stuff, honestly.


After that, I returned to the dashboard and searched different terms that related to me and began scheduling some items to be reblogged that I felt suited the “vibe” of my blog! This bit was obviously the funnest. I set up some scheduled stuff so I could have regular updating content without having to spend all day on tumblr. I also made a first post to commemorate, and followed a few authors and friends that I knew already had blogs.


I still don’t have much idea what I’m doing, but I’m excited to get to know tumblr and the community better. It’s been a fun experience thus far and I highly recommend making a blog or two to suit your aesthetic needs. It’s definitely a social media platform that I think I’ll be easily able to spend more time on, and easily customization for future changes. Do you have a tumblr, or follow one you like? Hit me up with a link so I can go have a look!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

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