Getting some stuff done!

So this week/weekend is getting busy over here! I’ve been pretty ill the last week and suddenly bam, I have a million things I’m getting done for my site, social media, and my writing. On Saturday, I’m having my first out of costume photoshoot with a professional photography friend so I have an actual adult author photo on here…and not one of me dressed like a ten year old magical girl. As much as that is what I am in my head, probably doesn’t scream the most professional person ever to others.

I’m also in the middle of communications to commission some new art! Ah! I have a good idea of what I want and a small artist that I love and have paid for work from before, so hoping that that goes well. If you ever have a chance to support someone budding in their field- take it, and do your best to push their name out there. If everything goes through, I’ll be spamming their work out to everyone.

update: negotiations are in progress, woohoo!

I’ve been pretty lackluster with content and with my writing, but I’m setting myself some goals and some plans. Sometimes this blog is going to be purely catch up, rambling crazy talk but I will be doing my best to hopefully produce some content that you enjoy, or maybe even learn something from.

Also, my mother told me you all need to tell me off and make me write more. So, I was thinking of ways to encourage myself to write. I’ve decided to show you something I’ve been working on- a sample of Audrey. To get access to a chapter of the Story of Audrey, I’d really appreciate it if you filled out this form so that I can email you a sample!

Thanks for everything, guys. I hope to end up making you all proud, even if it’s slow.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

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