2018 and onwards

So this is my second to last post for 2017, and it’s pretty exciting. This is also my 20th blog post, meaning 20 weeks of consistent posting (which is a pretty big deal for me, because I usually lack consistency and follow through). I’ve actually already scheduled my final post of the year, so I wanted to take this post to sort of chat about some of the directions I would like to take my blog, social media, and writing next year.

One really big thing I want to focus on is really tying Goodreads into my blog. Goodreads is a pretty important thing for authors- I mean, rates and reviews are massive if you want your book seen and noticed. My intention is to read as much as I write next year, with a minimum goal of a book once a fortnight (two a month is nothing but gotta keep that minimum low, just in case). I really want to put a focus on Indie and debut authors though, so I’ll be reviewing ONE of those at least once a month, with my first book being Keeper by Kim Chance which I preordered (out 20th January!). I also intend to review The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci upon it’s release, which should hopefully be soon.

These are only two books though, and I posted on twitter, but I am seeking call outs for indie published books I can access easily on kindle, as well as debut books. So, if you or a friend has something- feel free to link me! I want to give a shout out to other authors and hopefully help garner them attention. In addition to the Goodreads review, I’ll be dedicating a blog post that month to that author and book, linking their social media, etc. I have a few other plans to go with that, but we’ll see if I can manage them.

I also want to force myself to write more, so I’ll be showing something from my work once a month. It might be some back story, or an excerpt, or some artwork I’ve commissioned, but I WILL be showing something in preparation to hype myself up to finish. There might be some form of giveaways thrown in there, too.

Wising you all a happy holiday, I’m sure you’re all doing something this weekend/week. Thanks for hanging around, and hopefully 2018 I will have a lot more for you all.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

One thought on “2018 and onwards

  1. Good post! I have similar goals for 2018 as well. My goal is to read 100 books in 2018. I also whope to publihed my manscript fo my debut novel. I wish you the best. You can also check out my short story on my blog to review ym writing 🙂

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