Mini Goals

Hey guys! I’m just going to go through a few goals today. I’m very list orientated and I have a little planner I write down the things I’d like to achieve. With the new New Year looming and my 2018 list coming up, I just wanted to jot down and share a few goals I have for before the end of the year. I encourage everyone else to make lists and milestones; it makes it easier to work. All of my goals here will be career/writing related; personal goals go in my personal planner!

A few of the things I’d like to accomplish are:

  • Write at least once a day, 100 words per day!
  • Finish Nanowrimo
  • Hit 60k during November on Nano project
  • Finish 2 new short stories before the new year
  • Finish a round of volunteering at the Writers Centre
  • Write at least one chapter of each of my unfinished manuscripts (eep)
  • Hit 20 followers on here (small and a little sad, but that’s OK!)
  • Get a critique partner ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Beta read for someone!
  • Write out my goals for next year (lol)
  • Finish my goodreads goal for the year
  • Do something encouraging for a fellow writer
  • Think of some fun blog posts that might actually interest people

Believe in the me who believes in you! I’d really like to see what sort of goals you guys set yourselves too.

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

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