Today I want to make a quick blog about something that is as equally important as writing- reading! I used to be such a little bookworm, but as I get older, I realise like any hobby like writing, or video games, it can be a little hard to muster up the energy to read a book. It makes it harder when I can’t just binge the novel in one sitting because silly adult things get in the way (my boyfriend needs kisses every ten minutes, alright?).

Even though I struggle with concentration and being organised more as I deal with external issues, I am still heavily a type A. I plan, and I goddamn love planning. So one way that I’ve kept myself on track reading is through Goodreads. I had no idea it was a thing until one of my favourite vloggers mentioned it.

I started my list in late August, so I’m way behind where I want to be, but I’ve been consistently reading at least one book a week. Way slower than I like, but not terrible. At least I’m reading instead of just saying “eh, I can go play Dota.”


Now, as someone that loves tracking systems (because I need a visual representation of achievement), Goodreads is amazing for me. It feels like a competition, and well…I am definitely the competitive type. There are a few benefits I’ve found:

  • Easy to use, management system means I can see what books I’ve read, in case I forget! BAM!
  • Tracking system means I can feel accomplished about reading. Yeah. I struggle with feeling unproductive, hence my extravagant list making. This makes it feel like I’m ticking off something I need to get done when I finish a book!
  • Being able to see what my friends are reading/have read sparks conversation!
  • There’s a want to read list so I can see what sparked my interest
  • Also, checking off books means I read through my literally massive to read list before buying more books

Do you use Goodreads, or would like to? Want to compare books? Find me here! I’m still trying to decide what my next book is why I wait for The Beauty of Darkness to get to me!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

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