Plotober week one!

Week one of plot-tober is halfway done for me, and I’ve done a few things to get ready (emphasis on few). My blog this week is going to be mostly a confirmation that I’ve achieved things/a way to keep myself on track, but I want others to feel like they’ve gotten stuff done too! So grab your notepad, and start scrawling down the things you’ve gotten done on your writing this week.

Things I have accomplished:

  • Naming my land. This was actually super hard. I generally struggle with this because fantasy world names can sound ridiculous, pretentious, over-zealous or just dumb..and I’m good at all of them. I actually picked a name I enjoy that is a nod to one of to my all time favourite character (hopefully just subtle enough).
  • Added an excerpt on Nanowrimo of my novel. This won’t be going towards my word count obviously, as that’s against the rules, but it’s nice to have a small jumping off point.
  • Wrote a small blurb that I’m not overly happy with. Hopefully finishing my synopsis will inspire a better one. Both of these can be found on my nano.
  • Cried a little bit because I’m terrible at finishing anything but great at starting a million different things.
  • Convinced several friends to do Nano with me! Yay! This was great because it’s hard to do alone; it’s easier for me when I feel like I’m competing against them and have to do my best!
  • Went to a pre-nano meetup.
  • Booked in and paid for my first ever write in. I’ll be going to the Burnside Nano write-in with Lauren and I’m super excited. (Link to the event here and Lauren’s new blog can be found here!)
  • I’ll also volunteering at my first writers event tonight, and I hope it goes well!

I’ll be working on The Story of Audrey with the intent on finishing the first full draft before January and plodding along with some short stories and my Nanowrimo outline. I’ll be hopefully finishing a horror short story collection soon, so keep an eye out for that. The Daemon Revelation is taking a break because I got to the end of the first draft, and obviously have hacked it up. So it needs a little time to marinate.

What have you all gotten done this week? Are you doing Nano too? What have you written? What do you want to write? Feel free to tag me or tweet at me and let me know!

Happy writing,

Emma-Kate xoxo

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